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Scheduling & Independent Sleep program (VIP plan)

0SUITABLE AGE: 4 month old - 6* years old 

METHOD: NO CRY method only 

Best age to start: 19 weeks old (as soon as baby complete 4 month old) 

• Forming and fixing suitable and family comfortable sleep schedule 
• Setting up long, solid, proper naps 
• Forming feed schedule, increasing appetite 
• Removing previously collected over/under tiredness 
• Completely removing negative sleep associations such as: breastfeeding to sleep (without weaning), rocking to sleep, walking to sleep, sleep on laps, contact naps, etc. Doing permanent transfer to separate crib/bed/room if required
• Achieving self soothing sleep and sleep through the night 
• Working with premature babies, twins/triplets, special need babies. Program suitable for exclusively breastfeed babies and co-sleeping families.

• Work duration: 3-6 weeks overall, individually given dates as per client situation. Compulsory 10 days for building up strong routine + 15 days to remove each (!) negative sleep association 
• Work timing: 9 am to 9 pm (Indian time zone)
• Way of work: online programs, daily individual one-to-one support, WhatsApp private chat, text/voice msgs.

• One baby: 21.500€ (280 USD)
• Twins: 25.500€ (330 USD)
• Triplets: 31.700€ (390 USD)