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11 Weeks

  • Week 1

  • Brief history of the profession

    What is the job of a baby sleep consultant?

  • Limits of competence

    How to understand if a child is healthy and whether it is possible to work on improving his sleep

  • Realistic expectations - where is the limit of a baby sleep consultant work 

    What Makes a Successful Child Sleep Consultant

  • The importance of sleep in family life

    Consequences of lack of sleep

  • What happens to the child's body during sleep

    Why it is important to regulate your child's sleep?

  • Causes of sleep disorders - somatic and behavioral

    Why Behavioral Sleep Disorders Happen

  • Objective and subjective criteria for the quality of children's sleep  

    What is the age norm of sleep and how does it change with the growth of the child

  • When will a child outgrow sleep problems?

  • Week 2

  • Baby sleep safety.  External factors affecting a child's sleep

    What is co-sleeping and how common is it

  • Why Parents Choose Co-Sleeping

    Pros and cons of co-sleeping

  • Co-Sleeping Safety

    “Breastsleeping", or "sleeping at the chest" (J. McKenna, Lee Gettler)

  • Rules for co-sleeping

    SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) - risk factors

  • Sleep Safety Guidelines - Latest Edition

    Crib safety - current recommendations

  • At what age should a pillow be used?

    Light factor and melatonin.  Two step melatonin production process

  • Age stages of melatonin production and formation of circadian rhythms in a child

    Noise, visual stimuli, humidity, temperature.  Overheating in a child

  • “White Noise" and "Pink Noise".  Noise safety rules

    Ecology of the children's room

  • Safety standards for "sleep toys"

    Children's bedroom lighting recommendations

  • Week 3

  • Physiology of sleep, basics of chronobiology and somnology

    Circadian rhythms - formation and correction.  The role of the suprachiasmatic nucleus

  • Features of sleep in the early hours

    Determination of the optimal time for putting the child to sleep at night

  • Early laying - boundaries, age characteristics, rationale

    Two-factor model of sleep regulation - sleep pressure and need for sleep

  • ”Sleep window"  Consequences of overwork in a child.  How over-tiredness affects sleep

    Wake time/active time and its effect on sleep quality. Age norms of wakefulness and factors influencing it

  • Wake time/active time and its effect on sleep quality. Age norms of wakefulness and factors influencing it

    Signs of fatigue, signs of over tiredness, false signs of tiredness 

  • Bathing before bed as part of bed time - common mistakes

    Functions and criteria of a quality “bridge to sleep” and “sleep rituals”.  Practical advice and recommendations

  • Changing the “sleep rituals” with age.

  • Week 4

  • The structure of human sleep and its features at different ages

    Definition of sleep

  • The sleep cycle of an embryo, a newborn, a child at different ages, an adult

    Features and functions of the phases and stages of sleep

  • The problem of awakenings when shifting to the crib - causes and solutions

    Sleep conditions.  Formation of "sleep associations" and their consequences.  Strong and weak (positive and negative) sleep associations

  • 4 month sleep regression- reasons and recommendations

    Ways to prolong your child's sleep.  Safe and effective use of sleep extension tools: swaddle, pacifier, white noise, sleep toy, sleep mantra, sleep feeding, wake to sleep

  • Week 5

  • Sleep consolidation, daytime sleep

    Optimal distribution of sleep during the day at different ages of the child.  Sleep Consolidation

  • The child "mixed up day and night" - the solution

    Mistakes that interfere with sleep consolidation

  • Consequences of insufficient daytime sleep

    Optimal nap time

  • When is your child ready to skip the day nap

    Avoiding naps too early - tips for keeping them up

  • Sleep in motion/movement

    Limiting the duration of daytime sleep - when and how.  Awakening conditions

  • Too early morning woke ups - Practical Tips

  • Week 6

  • The rhythm of sleep and wakefulness and the schedule of the child depending on age

    Features of sleep and the physiology of feeding a newborn

  • Formation of the day-night cycle.  Recommendations

     uilding an optimal rhythm of sleep and wakefulness

  • Schedule  - age restrictions and impact on sleep quality

    Common Schedule Formation Approaches – Pros and Cons

  • Best time to get up in the morning

    Short daytime naps - causes, age characteristics, recommendations

  • Evaluation of factors affecting the duration of daytime sleep

    Dropping day naps. Signs of readiness to switch to lesser naps, scenarios and optimal transition strategies

  • Getting up too early in the morning - how to change the schedule

    Algorithm for shifting falling asleep and waking up to an earlier or later time

  • Sleep during vacation, shifting, place changing, time zone changes

  • Sleep and feeding physiology

    Compatibility between breastfeeding and quality sleep

  • The formation of lactation and sleep of the child

    Suspicion of a lack of milk - recommendations

  • Week 7

  • Sleep and feeding physiology

    Compatibility between breastfeeding and quality sleep

  • The formation of lactation and sleep of the child

    Suspicion of a lack of milk - recommendations

  • Physiology of the feeding regimen of a child at different ages

    Independent sleep/self soothing sleep while breastfeeding

  • The sleep-eat-wake cycle

    Physiological limitations of the duration of uninterrupted sleep at different ages of the child

  • Pre-morning feedings as a factor in maintaining lactation

    Night feedings

  • Willingness of the child to reduce night feedings

    Night Feeding Reduction Strategies

  • Co-sleeping while breastfeeding

    When stopping breastfeeding will help you sleep better and when it won't

  • Weaning - the readiness of the child, the readiness of the mother, methods and difficulties

    Sleep of formula fed babies

  • Sleep and feeding patterns at different ages

    Tips for Comfortable Formula Feeding

  • Sleep and feeding of the child after the introduction of solid food

    Understanding the language of crying

  • Week 8

  • Psychophysiological factors affecting a child's sleep

    Psychological and physical condition of the mother

  • Recommendations for stabilizing the mother's condition

    The influence of the state of the mother on the sleep of the child

  • The crisis period in the life of the family after the birth of a child - difficulties and recommendations

    Stress in mothers after the birth of a child.  postpartum depression

  • Postpartum depression in a mother in the work of a consultant on children's sleep

    Determination of temperament types in young children.  highly sensitive children.  The influence of temperament on a child's sleep

  • When and how to refuse client

  • Week 9

  • Common ideas about children's sleep in terms of science

    Colic - definition, possible causes, recommendations

  • Colic from the perspective of a sleep consultant

    Teething and baby sleep

  • Sleep regressions after sleep improvement

  • Week 10

  • Special family situations in the work of a sleep consultant

    Sleep Tips for Twins

  • Preparing for the birth of a child

    Sleep organization of siblings with age differences

  • Completion of co-sleeping - transferring the child to a separate crib

    Transfer of child to a separate room

  • Unusual living conditions.  Sleep in the conditions of the Arctic, hot climate, the impossibility of outings, studio apartments.  False signs caused by family living conditions

    The main causes of sleep disturbances in a child

  • Week 11

  • CERTIFICATION as "Consultant for the correction of behavioral sleep disorders in children"

    Instructions for passing the final tests

  • Results of module 1 and work perspective

    Checklist for a professional start

  • Common mistakes at the start

    Final certification test

  • 8 tests on required books of 1 module

    Toilet Training for kids