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4 Weeks

  • Week 1

  • Age features of children

    Growth spurts in child development

  • New baby skills and their impact on sleep

    Age crises of the child

  • The choice of the optimal method of teaching independent sleep, depending on the age of the child and the requests of parents

  • Week 2

  • The emotional and psychological state of the mother during the work of baby sleep consultant

    The connection between mother and child

  • Leading role of mother

    Different life strategies/life styles of  families in the work of a baby sleep consultant

  • Psychological comfort of the child

    What can interfere mother's work on the child's sleep process

  • Week 3

  • Effective family counselling work

    Psychology of counseling

  • Channels of perception of information

    Effective behaviour with the client

  • “Portrait" of a sleep consultant

    Counselling a mothers with accumulated sleep deprivation

  • Group counseling for families

    Offline counselling

  • Preparing for a consultation

    Structure of the consultation

  • Mistakes in counselling

    Work with objections

  • Dealing with dissatisfied customers

    Force majeure/special situations during the consultation

  • Prevention of professional burnout of a consultant

    Time management

  • Week 4

  • Consulting as a business process

    Customer acquisition

  • Business on Instagram.  Step by step plan

    Customer retention

  • E-mail marketing

    Secrets of successful work

  • Professional Development of Baby Sleep Consultant

    Answers to parents' questions

  • Certification test task