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Teething? How to help it and solutions that you should stay away from

Teething? How to help it and solutions that you should stay away from

Teething pain is one of the most strong, baby experience over childhood. Sharp teeth cutting the gum from inside, causing  headaches and ear aches, overall disturbance and sleep problems. 

It is for sure not right to leave your baby with it all alone, without help, and expect child to be all ok. Specially if sleep getting worsen, what leads to body exhaustion. 

What is not helping for teething pain? 

 Frozen teether toys to shew: it’s not only have no help, but even opposite - it’s might cause micro traumas of gums.

Gum massage: it’s might cause even more sharp pain due to higher blood circulation.

Gripe water: banned all over the world, except for India. it Includes very dangerous ingredient - Bronopol, what is actually alcohol used in industrial purposes. This makes baby drowzy and sleepy even through the pain (main purpose of this ingredient). 

Homeopathic pills base on calcium as main ingredient: it’s simply don’t have any connection to solve the pain. 

Homeopathic pills where Belladonna presents as ingredient. Belladonna, also called deadly nightshade , is a poisonous plant that contains a chemical called atropine. At high levels, atropine can be deadly. In homeopathy, it is used to treat redness and inflammation. 

 Homeopathic pills BC21. They are contained calcium and magnesium, and first/common side effect is sleep worsening, sometimes - chronical insomnia. And no pain relief. Other common side effects is: experiences seizures, difficulty breathing, lethargy, excessive sleepiness, muscle weakness, skin flushing, constipation, difficulty urinating or agitation. 

Other “home remedies” which doesn’t have any connection and not able to deal with pain issues is: 

- peeled ginger roots 

- ground cloves 

- coconut oil 

- frozen washcloths 

- chewing on toothbrush 

- vanilla extract 

- popsicles and other frozen things 

- teething rings 

- teething gloves

- teething biscuits 

- breastfeeding 

- essential oils 

- frozen rice pouches 

- green onions 

- pickle juice 

- spice necklaces 

- roots, leaves 

- honey 

- religious remedies 

So what’s helping to deal directly with teething pain? 

The best option is gum freeze gels (allopathic only, no homeopathic ones). What I like the most is that child dont swallow it and it’s should be applied directly on swelled gum (presumed place where teeth are coming). Most of allopathic gum freeze gels including Ledocaine as main ingradient - it is a medication used to numb tissue in a specific areas (it’s a local painkiller). The plus point that baby don’t swallowing it and medecine not acting in stomach, as pills or syrops does. Can be taken every time it’s needs (easily 5-6 times a day). For example: Bongela, Zytee RB gel, Dologel, Orajel baby (just for cooling), Nuby Gumeez Teething Gel, Camilia Baby Teething Relief, etc 

Anti fever solution which is acts as a pain killer as well. That’s a normal syrops what you giving to child once high fever taken place. Hence this is oral solution, so make sure you are using it only once in 6 hours.

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