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1+1 combo: SLEEP *night* + ACTIVE *day* | organic aroma oils blend for babies I

SLEEP *night*

Essential oil blend, fabric roll-on for kids. Highly effective deep sleep-inducing oil, provide your child a good night sleep in stretch, decreasing night awakenings.

Ingredients : natural and pure blend of essential oils:

  • lavender • perfect for your little one who may struggle with restlessness or trouble settling down at bedtime
  • caramel • calming nervous system. Stimulates the release of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin
  • known for it mood regulating capabilities, what contributes relaxation
  • pine • has the power to influence the central nerves cycles, inducing the state of tranquility and relaxation for peaceful sleep


ACTIVE *day*

Essential oil blend, fabric roll-on for kids. Helps stimulating joyful atmosphere for your child at awake time, refreshes and energises the space, increase baby’s attention level.

Ingredients: natural and pure blend of essential oils:

• ylang-ylang • soothing babies spirit and promoting a cheerful disposition, removing irritability during the playtime. Reduces an excessive fussiness or temperamental behaviour

• sweet orange • helps babies stay active throughout their play or study time, by encouraging mental and physical activity

• lemon • promotes creativeness and making an atmosphere of attentiveness, encouraging interaction with environment

• clary sage • alleviates restlessness and hyperactivity in babies, allowing them to engage more focused and have purposeful activities


HOW TO USE: roll on to given napkin (your pouch will consist of 2 medium muslin napkin) and keep inside of baby’s pocket. Or apply directly on cloth/other fabric.