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Toilet Training Guide

The idea of creating this guide is to help parents with this tricky process known as Toilet Training, in the most smooth and gentle way possible. Inside the Guide you will find essential information on infant biology and appropriate age for toilet training, personal experience, advice and general methods of toilet training, among that many other things!

Moms of special kids! You can use this Guide for Toilet Training of your kids as well! We included huge chapter
of complete toilet training for kids with: Visual Disabilities,
Hearing Disabilities, Continence Problems, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injury, Autism, Hyperactive kids, FAS, ODD, ADHD.

• What is toilet training. How toilet training takes place from a child’s point of view
• Toilet training age. Signs of readiness. Things to avoid abs support while tippy training 
• Why too early toilet training can lead to failure 
• Express test of readiness for toilet training 
• How to choose a pot or toilet seat. Other training devises
• How to understand that child wants to go to the toilet, signals if it
• Toilet training methods: recommended and non recommended

• Recommendations after toilet training has started 
• Role of tales. Books and picture discussions in toilet training. Examples of toilet training books. Pictures discussion. Tales.
• How to wean off night diaper
• What to do if child holding on toilet until the diaper is put on
• Psychological constipation. What to do if child afraid of potty pot
• Toilet training for children with special needs.
• Common mistakes during toilet training
• A word from author

HOW TO READ: Guide is 80 pages of e-book what will be available for read in this web site. After payment you’ll get a mail with link for reading your Guide. Lifetime available.